Monitor Delivery

Make a personal monitoring URL to track parcels from Quantium Solutions, Exelot, First Flight, OnTrac, Bluecare or any courier.

Maintained Services

This parcel monitoring site supports 433 carriers, including Nexive, Naqel, Caribou, OnTrac, P2P Mailing and similar.

Delivery Notifications

Receive fast messages about status updates of the order via Twitter, E-mail, Kakaotalk, Mesenger, Skype and etc.

Track CA tracking codes

Shipment codes list (RA000000005CA - RA099999996CA)

Shipment codes list (RA100000003CA - RA299999991CA)

Shipment codes list (RA200000006CA - RA499999997CA)

Shipment codes list (RA300000009CA - RA699999992CA)

Shipment codes list (RA400000001CA - RA899999998CA)